Urbexpat in Gwangju –  Take a look at urban exploration in Gwangju and the Jeolla Provinces.

Dae Han Min Decline –  A comprehensive site dedicated to all things Korea, including underground culture. Fans of punk, urban exploration, Korean history will enjoy.

Colonial Korea –  The subheading says it all: “Early modern architecture in Korea.” An excellent source of information in regards to colonial architecture in South Korea.

Royal Asiatic Society -Korea Branch – This organization has enriched my life in Korea. RASKB “aims to help people enhance their understanding of the arts, customs, history, social trends, and landscapes of Korea through lectures, cultural excursions, publications, and special interest groups.”

Urban Exploration Resource –  Want to know more about urban exploration? Check out this resource.

Abandoned Kansai –  A great page dedicated to exploring Japan. Reading Florian’s stories about his adventures with accompanying pictures inspired me to start Long Distance Runner.

Abandoned Japan – Another site dedicated to urban exploration in Japan. Some excellent photos and locations that I would like to visit someday.

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