Quick Investigation in Dongjak-gu

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I’ll keep this brief; there’s not much to say of this place right now, as it’s still in the early stages of the redevelopment process. Most houses are still locked up tight, with graffiti or stickers on the doors to indicate vacated houses.
The first time I went to this place was with Harrow and two other urban explorers; I didn’t take too many pictures, keeping a careful eye on the pup.
This neighborhood’s most distinctive features are the colorful murals along its narrow, winding paths. I plan to go back in the coming months and document the change.

The main reason for writing this post is to keep the momentum going. At this point, my goal is to post at least one per month, two on a good month. With graduate school beginning too soon, studying will leave me even more crunched for time, but try to honor the one post per month.

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