A Sea of Furnishings in Gyeonggi-do

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Today we return to a massive redevelopment project in a city on Seoul’s border. By the time I went there on my first visit, construction crews had already torn down houses and streets on a vast hillside neighborhood and smoothed and removed debris. And yet, there were still plenty of abandonments to see, including a recently cleared-out Jugong Apartment Complex.

Like the nearby Jugong Apartment Complex, the other portion of the neighborhood was in the pre-demolition stage, where workers tossed all leftover furnishings into piles in the street. A sea of doors, mattresses, and appliances lay in piles waiting to be picked up and hauled away.

A former gas truck refilling station.

The moment I opened the door of this house, an alarm went off. Fortunately, the siren’s batteries weakened over time. It also helped that nobody was on site on Sunday. So who knows how long it was blaring for before someone turned it off.

I always appreciate the personal touches people put into making their house feel like home.
The first of two keyboards found that day.
Remnants of a hair shop.
This entryway looked promising, but we were on our way to a shaman’s house.

It wouldn’t be a proper exploration without finding a shamanic space.

Here is the view from across the street.

Some V.I.Ts (Very Intimate Toilets) in the women’s room.

Finally, I want to show you a newish looking church that will( if it hasn’t already) get bulldozed. Said church left behind all their spare crosses for some reason. Come one, come all to receive your crucifix. Christmas is coming up, and it’s a great day for a crucifying party!

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