It takes a lot of time to compose one of these blog posts. I usually write them on a Saturday or Sunday, on those rare occasions I stay home for the weekend. My weekends are typically being out and about all day, running errands and exploring abandonments. Because I have such a busy weekend, taking photos on each trip gets backlogged in my writing. Visits get pushed down and forgotten and written about months after the fact.

Even redevelopment gets redeveloped: A redevelopment/real estate office gets bulldozed.

My ten-day quarantine has allowed me to return through the archives and share these adventures with you, dear reader. I am making up my lack of posts in November in a big way! Today marks the fifth day locked up in my apartment, and all this sitting is reaping havoc on my lower back. On the plus side, I don’t think I’ve listened to this amount of music in my life.

The Chomper of Neighborhoods.

I am sharing pictures from the last two visits to Naeson-dong in Uiwang. I wrote about my first two visits more than a year ago. This neighborhood we checked up on less frequently as there were other neighborhoods closer by that demanded our attention. With that said, Naeson-dong provided some memorable photogenic scenes that have seen the light in The Bulldozed Future zine. Here are a few photos from our visit on February 21st of this year:

And, here is the scene on our final visit on June 27th:

Look back here tomorrow; I hope to have some other looked over(forgotten gems?)pictures to present in blog form.

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