Massive Redevelopment in Gyeonggi-do (First Visit)

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Let us return to the neighborhood I wrote about a few weeks ago, where I found the remnants of a shamanic ritual in one house. It was the first of three shamanic dwellings in the small chunk my wife and I explored on a beautiful, warm day in early October. This redevelopment lies on the side of a hill; along the way, I got a glimpse of what missed exploration opportunities of the area over the last couple of years. I silently kick myself but know I can’t be at eight places at once. We got a few months and at least two more trips before I can move on.

So much unexplored (extreme) real estate, gone!

It was a productive first visit; sites that stuck out were the American linoleum floor at one home, and it reminded me of the kitchen floor from the first house I lived in until I was eight. There was an excellent hair shop sign that I pray someone salvaged because it had some outstanding 80s style design. Another highlight was finding mold merging into the abstract floral wallpaper of a Korean War vet’s house.

Finally, this post would not be an on-brand Long Distance Runner without shamanic-related findings or bujeok! After finding the house with a recent shamanic rite, we came across two other former shaman spaces within a 300-meter radius of each other.

Here is Damju-am:

And here are pictures from the unidentified shaman house:

Stay tuned for pictures from our second (and possible future) visits.

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