Meeting with the Wandering Buddhas at Lucky Dragon Temple, Jeollanam-do

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 A few weeks back, my wife and I made the trip down to Jeollanam-do, and we ran into the Wandering Buddhas once again. I got word from Isaiah that he found them on a small island off the coast of Mokpo, and he arranged a meeting with them. Kallistratos Boteniates braved the journey from Ulsan to join us. I am still impressed that the Buddhas made the trip from Samhong-sa in Northeast Seoul, down south across the Han River, to a temporary shelter in Gwanak-gu. Finally, arriving at their current residence in a bamboo grove on Jaeun-do. I never asked them how they got themselves down there. Still, I imagine they had lots of bosalnim and gosalnim offering transportation in exchange for merit. 

Nowhere to go except up, up, up.
I wasn’t patient enough to find an easier way.

Unfortunately, not all the Buddha’s survived the trek in one piece. Heads crumbled, and fingers snapped up. Overall, the Buddhas were in good spirits. A sanshin and another spirit guardian joined the Buddhas on the adventure. They were welcoming hosts, letting us document their abode. 

This is what happens when you meditate for endless kalpas.
First Noble Truth = All being suffer pain and unhappiness in their lifetime.
According to the hanja, this building was completed on September 12, 1986.

As long as there are abandoned temples in Korea, I’m sure I will meet the Wandering Buddhas once again, hopefully at the Lucky Dragon Temple, but most likely out a sense of being spreading dharma in another secluded part of the country.

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