Having a car certainly makes it easier to explore, especially in COVID times, when my wife and I don’t have to expose ourselves to crowds on public transportation. We are taking full advantage of our newfound freedom to take weekend road trips around Korea.

These guys were friendly. We went to a nearby convienence store and bought them some churu.

According to Kakao Maps, this neighborhood located northwest of Suwon is about an hour away by car and an hour and a half or more if you ride public transportation. It’s a place where we have visited two times before and will continue to document until it is gone. Trash is piling up, the residents of this community had packed up a long time ago. Most of the buildings are mostly inaccessible, but within time the place will reveal itself. I am content with taking pictures of the neighborhood. At this point, I have yet to assign a name to this area, but I feel I have plenty of time to decide.

The building are still locked up at this point. Traffic still flows through the neighborhood though not as frequent.

The neighborhood also has meaning for my wife. She went to the art school close by and had taken a look at renting a room in this particular neighborhood. Our first visit to the area doubled as an excuse to check out her alma mater.

These pictures are from our two preliminary visits. There will be further research and documentation on the blog. Hopefully, there were be a moniker for this place by then.

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