Wandering Buddhas in Gwanak-gu, Seoul

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This neighborhood is a mix of 80s apartments and a cluster of ramshackle houses that definitely date back earlier. It’s a smaller area that is overshadowed by a megachurch and two different massive high-rise apartment complexes. I have yet to spend much time in the apartment area. Most of my time on this first trip was spent exploring the housing clump. Some of those houses had been vacant for a long time, as evidenced by the numerous houses with collapsed roofs. Other homes had been recently abandoned.

In the first house I visited, I came across a massive stack of family albums. I stayed as long as I could to peruse them before I got sick of defending myself from the mosquitos.

It got more interesting as I started to uphill. You can see my double-take in realtime as I make the discovery…

Hello Buddhas! Nice to see you again! You left your last temple before I could say goodbye one last time. Well, I’m glad I got to see you one more time. Perhaps I will see you again when I visit again. It’s nice to see someone left some meat and some drink before your new home bites the dust.

This was the second consecutive neighborhood where I found abandoned Buddha statues. I imagine the original resident left them there to be picked up at a later date. My friend went there over the past weekend and has confirmed that the Buddhas remain in place.. for now. I’m hoping I can make meeting these Buddhas a regular occurrence in my future explorations!000010000011000007

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The Buddhas meditate in solitude as they wait for visitors.
The hog became more of a burden, I presume.
An unused bujeok used to ward off low-level ghosts!


There were multiple boxes of this stuff.







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