The Bujeok (부적) Chronicles Part 2

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I’ve accumulated a lot of images of bujeok over the years. I neglected to include many on my first post on the subject. After rummaging through my photo archive, I found years worth of images of shaman’s talismans. I believe I have enough material to compose a few more posts. I hope you enjoy it! On with the pictures.

This was found in an abandoned hanok in Jeonju, March 2017. I really appreciated the wood details.
These were found in a sauna in rural Gyeonggi-do in 2016 or 17.


鬼 means ghost. Bujeok are used to ward off spirits that cause harm to humans. 
Sometimes a fish is offered to appease spirits.

IMG_7562000002000004000010000012 2

Bujeok found at a shaman’s house that has since been torn down. 


A bujeok used to ward off sickness.
A bujeok to ward off the three calamities (三災): war, pestilence, and famine.


Another bujeok to ward off sickness.


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