The Small Inn, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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The Small Inn was an accidental discovery. My companion and I were walking to our intended destination of a humungous tourist resort. My urbex spidey senses tingled as I saw a half-hearted attempt to block the entry points. A small detour that I wish we had more time to investigate. There were a lot of artifacts in this place that warranted a more methodical examination.

A few rooms were filled up with furniture.
Most others were empty like this one. What is that stain on the floor? Could it be from a 孤独死?
Rooms mostly had litter strewn about, a scattering of books, and bedding.

The treasure trove of this building was in the library/TV nook area. Countless magazines, film negatives, and books spanning multiple decades were left scattered throughout the room. They were in pretty good condition too. Neither faded, nor dust-ridden, despite years of neglect. Many decades temperate environment has left the magazines and other media readable, or at least worthy of being donated into an archive. IMG_1249IMG_1242IMG_1245IMG_1244IMG_1243IMG_1247IMG_1241IMG_1246In our exploration of the library, we found wedding photos. I would have loved to give a few more hours to uncovering more details into the bride and groom’s life.33IMG_1251IMG_1252 We came across negative, which could have been from this particular couple’s wedding ceremony.IMG_1239IMG_1254

These ones show a similar backdrop.

In the rare chance that I’m back in the greater Nagano area, I will make an effort to revisit this place and try to find more about this mysterious married couple.



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