Planting the Seeds of Inspiration: Another Artist’s House in Gwangju

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The first thing my eye looks for in an abandoned space is art. I want to know the artistic tastes of the former occupants. I know this now, but at the time of this exploration, I was still a newbie, wide-eyed urban explorer. I would take lots of photos of empty rooms and lone chairs just because it was all new and exciting. There is anything wrong with either subject materials. It took a while, but I found what interested me in exploring. This house and the other Artist’s House (a recent RIP) planted the seeds of inspiration.  Mr. Urbexpat and I on June 15th, 2015. It was demolished within a few weeks after that.  Here are the photos I took of that day. The artist was a gentleman who seemed to work in many different mediums.

Behind the doors, a painting invoking Gwangju’s namesake, the City of Light.


Photos for the artist’s work. Possibly for a brochure or catalog.


Maybe the artist was an urbex enthusiast, too?
Possibly the artist dabbled in performance art?


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