I shoot film pretty much every weekend. It takes time and money to get developed and scanned. Usually, I remember the great explorations and use the images that immediately move me to make posts here. Potential posts get buried as a new batch of photos get imputed on my hard drive. This church is one such example. The images here are from an overcast and polluted April day. I hesitate to show these photos partly because of the crappy air and weather conditions. I remember I was coming from Jogyesa carrying a bulky ink drawing of Bodhidharma I hade bought on an impulse. The impulse instinct is strong in me. One moment I am buying Buddhist artwork, next moment I am impulsing getting off a rural subway station to explore an old abandoned church.

The main door of the church was locked up.  
It appears this church was built shortly after the war.
The orange roof was an unfortunate aesthetic decision, yet it does the job.


Some majestic thrones.
The only room I was able to get in that day.
This structure gave off a post-apocalyptic bunker vibe but methinks it’s an anticlimactic storage room.

It’s pretty easy to spot the church from the train as it makes its way out from the underground. The glowing orange aluminum roof is striking even from the passing train. Riding the train on a clear day rewards you with a spectacular view of Bukhansan that quickly unfolds into a redevelopment zone. I am definitely going to go back soon to reshoot. This relic from the past needs to be documented on a sunny summer day. There is some sculpting of the land occurring around the church. God knows if it will be spared. I promise to share future photos of this place.


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