Blistery Day in Black and White (Oregon Coast)

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Today is a wet, dreary day in Korea. I wish I could be out taking photos with my newish medium format camera. I have an endless list of places to visit, yet a limited amount of time on the weekend to document my trips. Today seems like a good day to present photos from a wet day on the Oregon coast.  Before I write about the abandoned ski resort on the East coast of Korea, I offer these photos I took the last time I was in my state of Oregon. It was about two years ago, where I was in between teaching jobs. My hometown is about fifty miles from the coast, so going out to experience the sea is an easy day trip. It was a gray, dark day, as it is often during the winters in Oregon. I don’t shoot black and white film often, but I love shooting it on overcast days. I packed my Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder camera with some super expired Kodak Tri-X 400 film.
This would be a good picture for Black Metal album.

Playing with expired film can be hit or miss. Many times the photos ended up dull and saturated. However, when it works out, images are dreamy and the grain and add texture to the picture. I lucked out with this particular role. The graininess of these expired film enhances the experience on that specific day two years ago.


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