I pick up our story on the upper levels of the first building at Fire Extinguisher U we entered that bright, surprisingly warm day on the southwest coast of Korea.  Here’s an art studio with student’s drawings and on the chairs, stacks of term papers/tests over the years.httpsscan.fotomaru.commaruscan_apiimagetarget_file=2F190118_ryan2F5110PORT1602F000034httpsscan.fotomaru.commaruscan_apiimagetarget_file=2F190118_ryan2F5116FUJIK4002F000033

Further on we come across the music department. I don’t know what the urbex record is for most abandoned pianos, but our location should be included in the discussion. I stopped taking pictures of pianos because there were lots of fascinating cultural artifacts, but first, the eighty-eights:IMG_8310IMG_8356IMG_8363IMG_8367IMG_8392IMG_8397IMG_8391 We even chanced upon a gayageum (a traditional Korean string instrument) that had clearly seen better days.IMG_8374

As well as a haegeum (traditional Korean fiddle-like string instrument) destroyed by some simpletons.IMG_8359

In one professor’s office was a massive collection of CDs and tapes of traditional music. Here are a few I took a picture of, I could have spent more time looking at this collection alone!IMG_8368IMG_8376IMG_8378IMG_8380IMG_8383IMG_8382IMG_8385

Ah, so many beautiful art covers, so little time to stay. We had to move on. We traversed up the hill and found the university library. Quite small to say the least. The entire collection was on the first floor, the upper levels were quiet study areas.  Our first infiltration with a selection of tomes still intact, well sorta. IMG_8400IMG_8403IMG_8401IMG_8415IMG_8408IMG_8411IMG_8412

Continuing up the hill, we explored another academic building with a few highlights, but nothing worth reporting here, as well as a small dormitory. The living quarters were the only building we were not able to gain access. This place is worth another visit. Having access to a car, it’s possible to make a day of it by, first hitting up the abandoned airplane and proceeding to these former grounds of higher education.

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