Abandoned University, Jeollanamdo (Part 1)

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What a joy to finally be able to share this find with you, dear reader.  The dynamic duo of Urbexpating Gwangju and yours truly were on a massive hot streak, that I have yet been able to write about and post here. It began with exploring two separate university campus on consecutive weekends, continued with the many amazing discoveries on our Naju trip, and reaching the apex when we got into an Abandoned Red Cross Hospital that we previously thought inaccessible. It’s easy to say I have enough material to cover five to ten future posts.

This school had a lot to see. I had never seen so many abandoned pianos in one place before.

A little backstory for today’s post.  The previous week we had explored another abandoned university in Jeollnamdo with an abandoned, fully-intact airplane. Let’s call this school Airplane U.  Both Airplane U and today’s featured abandoned university (let’s call this one Fire Extinguisher U) were both shut down by the government in 2011 for academic fraud and embezzlement. After posting a few pictures on Instagram, I got a message from an expat DJ who wanted me to give the location so he could hold a rave in the plane. As much as I think Rave in a Plane is a catchy title, I declined to give him specific details.

The first of many indicators people have been here before us.

Anyways, after some basic research, we decided to go check out Fire Extinguisher U. If we didn’t find access or anything of note, we could head down the road a bit and explore the coastal town nearby, a place I had never been to before. Well, needless to say, we hit the jackpot again.  I certainly didn’t bring enough film to shoot. All my film shots are from the first building. I overwhelmed by how much stuff had been left behind. Hey, Urbexpating Gwangju, let’s make plans to return! This time I will bring more than three rolls of film!

Here it seems where the President and the other higher-ups had meetings.myungshin4myungshin6myungshin8myungshin7httpsscan.fotomaru.commaruscan_apiimagetarget_file=2F190118_ryan2F5117FUJIK4002F000036IMG_8292myungshindaeMyungshindae1IMG_8423IMG_8422IMG_8424IMG_8425IMG_8426 Over the next two-and-a-half hours, we came across many former professor’s offices. After a while, it became a chore to maintain interest in seeing inside every room. Breathing also became an issue as well, so we maneuvered as quickly as we could.  Vandals have left their mark, setting off all the fire extinguishers, leaving a gaudy amount of lingering foam and dust to breathe in, earning the location name Fire Extinguisher U.  Most rooms were left as they had been that fateful day in 2011 when they closed the school for good. This one particular office I was particularly drawn to as it was a teacher of Eastern religions. Everything left behind caught my attention, especially the collection of books. office6office2office8office5office4office3office7

Stay tuned for more! Including our first infiltration of a university library!

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