I intended to write up about me and my friend’s adventure at a long-abandoned university in South Jeolla Province, but the undertaking is more labor intensive than I had hoped for. I will have to wait on that until life dies down a bit. I want to offer something so to you, dear reader. I have a massive backlog of documented adventures that will slowly, but surely make their way onto this page and/or a future photo book/zine. Here are some houses me and my girlfriend just happened to stumble upon during our excursion to Jeju Island.  We actually got off the bus to check it out. If you know anything about Jeju busses, they are far and few between. It was an excellent opportunity to stretch our legs, as we had already been on the bus for about an hour or so. 000019000013000014000006

Someone left a hanbok for the residing spirits.




The year on the beam said it was constructed or remodeled in the 1960s.

After wandering around the area a bit, we got back on the bus to our intended a destination, Dongmun Market. As we progressed towards the traditional fish, produce, and herbal market, we came across this place. The palm trees and asbestos roof lured me in. 000021000020000022000023000033000031000024000025

I run into my friend Bodhidharma a lot during my travels.


A house used as a trash receptacle.
I had never seen an abandoned eight-tracker player before.


Two chance finds that gave us a lot of pleasure to explore. It’s not all about the significant finds, sometimes the unexpected minor discoveries can sustain and fuel our passions.


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