The second floor of the house was in better shape than the first. The upper level was not mold-infested and falling apart; However, it was quite dusty. It seemed someone had been squatting there until recently. With a good dusting, the living quarters would be a viable option for someone seeking shelter. It was a tight space to shoot. A wide angle lens would have been perfect for this situation. I slowly realize that I should invest in a good wide-angle lens, as I find myself in challenging shooting situations like Grandma’s 2nd Floor. We had to battle the terrible lighting conditions as well. I’m holding out hope we can visit one more time before it’s demolished. Fingers are crossed.

Is this a weasel?
A drawing of a turtle ship. Admiral Yi Sun Shin is credited for designing it.
A cupping set, something I have come across a lot in abandoned houses in Korea.


Grandma’s liquor stash.
Tigers are a primary subject in Korean folklore and mythology.
There were a fair amount of records, including NKOTB and Michael Bolton.


Perhaps someone was squatting here in the summer months.
Did Grandma live down below and a family member live in the upper level?
Always a pleasure to run into my friend, Bodhidharma.






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