Give Me the Cure for My Ailment.

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1. Exploration of a former convalescent hospital in a neighborhood ripe for redevelopment.  It’s likely probably this place has been demolished. convaleconvale4convale1convale3convale5convale2convale9convale8convale7

The convalescent hospital is a short walk away from another redeveloped neighborhood. The Doctor’s Hanok was once here. Surprisingly, one house remains but on borrowed time.convale10convale11

2.  Exploration of a former clinic in the heart of the city. A crumbling hanok (한옥, traditional Korean house) remains attached to the infirmary.  Was it the living quarters for the doctor?clinic8clinic6clinic7

Inside we find a consultation room (진찰실) with a treatment room (치료실) attached. clinic3clinic4clinic10clinic12Through a set of double doors adjacent to the consultation room was the surgical room (수술실).clinic2clinic9 Upstairs was where the patients recovered from procedures. I loved seeing the handpainted numbers on the doors. Nothing much remains, however, we did discover some old beds in the basement of the adjoining building. We also found medicine on the ground but couldn’t identify it with a basic Google search. clinic11clinic14clinic17clinic15clinic16



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