This repurposed disco club in the heart of downtown Gwangju is a stop I take visitors and new friends. This is a good starter exploration for newbie urbexers and/or for people disinterested in climbing or getting dirty. It’s easily accessible, no climbing necessary, and is no security to worry about. The club is located in a garage, which The Adult Disco Club has been made even more reachable in the last year as the building owners have torn down a part of the wall to create parking spaces in the garage. My first two explorations of the club included going into a booth/closet for the key to gain entrance. Despite cars ruining the dance floor, most of the club remains in a suspended state of party time.  The decor is a hybrid of Greek Mythology and 70’s era Sun Ra/Miles Davis records.  The place has many secrets, and many more field research trips are needed. Just last weekend Niall discovered another sound booth and a smaller clubroom (a VIP room?) through further wandering a hallway. This was the first of many discoveries on an action-packed Saturday in Gwangju. More on those revelations later.

When you come into the disco, the dim parking garage lights offer little illumination, most of the former club stay veiled in the darkness. The DJ’s booth with TVs, a mixing board, and audio decks lay in slumber. The stage is adorned with a Christmas tree. As you will see later, the decoration of the entire club is a real mish-mash of clashing styles.coltatec7colatec8colatec1colatec2colatec4colatec3 On your right is a hallway that splits in two directions. This was probably the where the doorman checked coats and took entrance fees. A dusty cashbox lays atop an official-looking desk. A single, rusty tambourine points the way to the adjacent singing rooms located in the garage.

Despite this being an abandoned disco, the club sits in an active parking lot, hence why the light in the corner is on. 
The calendar on the wall reads April 2014.
Inside one of the singing rooms. 

If you walk straight from the point of entry, you will come across the dining area. The kitchen remains stocked with cooking goods and cutlery. Cats have made it a residence. Also, I think this picture presents the best example of the 70’s pseudo-psychedelic-chic aesthetic it was going for. colatec5

Retracing our steps and walking past the desk and into the hallway. We turn left. Niall let curiosity guide him, and he came across this sound booth. colatec14

Niall’s spidey sense tingled and continue to walk and fallow twists and turns in the disco labyrinth and found the aforementioned smaller club, with its own mixture of Greco and 70’s Psychedelic art.  This little side club had its own kitchen. We wanted to explore further but from the stage from whence came upon, noticed about an inch of water on the ground. Water boots are needed for our next trip. colatec15colatec18colatec16colatec17colatec19

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