Hello again. Here is another entry that serves as a companion to the last post. These are photos from a few weekends back are from houses within close proximity of each other. Oodles of photos discovered and they are all from big ceremonies, like weddings, birthdays, and religious confirmations. A tale of two families at different points in their lives.  A young married couple with one child once made this place home.  A new family that once they saved enough money could move into a state-of-the-art apartment complex. house3househouse7house6

 Entering the room of the other house, evidence suggests that the former occupants were in the later stages of life. Some pictures of an older married couple celebrating their golden or silver anniversary and grandchildren remain intact on the wall, while others little the floor with old ginseng containers.  A picture of man as a young graduate hangs next to a photo of the man and his wife in later years celebrating a milestone as a couple. room5room1room4room3












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