Since late February 2018, I have worked at an English kindergarten in Gwangju, South Korea. The neighborhood where I work and reside is far removed from downtown, the epicenter of human rights activism, art, culture, and history. In short, everything interesting about Korea.  On the other hand, Suwan-dong is sleek and modern, a far contrast from the grit and decay of Gwangju’s city center.  Highrise apartment buildings and shopping complexes dominate this area. All the wealthy and upper-middle-class Koreans have all their necessities, making it an island of its own.

While I find the neighborhood aesthetically dull, I do find it a comfortable place to live. I can get most home necessities at the local Lotte Mart. There are a plethora of Starbucks cafes to write blogs like this one, and finally, I live close to my work. My school is situated on the border of urban and rural life. It’s where the city and country coexist. On my way to work or a weekend walk, I have found some sites that caught my eyes. The post today is dedicated to the green spaces I have discovered. These spaces provide welcome relief from the iron trees that conquer my sightlines. Photos span from late spring to mid-summer and were shot at various times in the day. The pictures were shot on 120mm medium format and 35mm films. I hope you enjoy!


 Jindo dogs of the Christian school near my house.
Farmers preparing their crops, before they flood the rice paddies.
I’m not sure the history of this building, but on the hill sits a few burial mounds.
This willow tree that envelopes the shelter is between 350-400 years old.


Sometimes I would get up early on the weekend to take pictures of this and the pond.
Always trying to find the perfect composition.

I have been keeping close tabs on the rice fields and pond since late winter. I came in late winter, not experiencing any snow, so hopefully, the weather gods will smile upon me and allow me to document these locations covered in ice and snow. Photography and  Zen Buddhist practice have taught me, that if you are patient and wait around long enough in any place, you will uncover something extraordinary.July2July7July9July8Aug4Aug11Aug9Aug7Aug6Aug12Aug13Aug14

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