The photos from today’s entry don’t focus on a specific location. I want to share with you the results from some expired film I shot recently. Anyone who likes to shoot film knows that playing with expired film is unpredictable at best. Expired film can add texture and mood without the need to use editing programs on the computer. However, due to its unpredictability you might get super distorted results like this:

I took my chances to shoot Afga film that expired in 1982.

Or maybe you will get a picture that enhances tones like this:

This picture was taking in Kurohime, Japan, home of Zen poet Issa.

Shooting with expired film is risky.  You never know what you’ll get until you get the pictures back from the printer, or you have the negatives hanging in your bathroom. The former photo is the worst case result I have had. While the ladder photo above is what keeps me experimenting with film past its freshness date. Best case scenario, the tones and graininess are enhanced. The amount of light  available at the time of picture-taking can also play a factor in the results.

The pictures I share with you today were shot on expired Fujifilm Superia 200.

This roll was discovered in a hanok (Korean traditional house) set to be demolished. It was the only time a security guard was willing to let us explore! After my friend explained our hobby, he let us choose a house to open up and explore. What a cool guy! It was in our chosen house that I found this unused, expired roll of film. By the time you read this, it’s likely the said house has already been raised. The neighborhood was already twenty percent leveled by the time we came across the section of hanoks.

Some people are very strict in following the rule of  “Take photos, leave only footprints.” in urban exploring. While I feel most times, it’s a good rule to follow, there are times it can be ok to leave with a souvenir. It’s a case-by-case judgement call.  I never took anything from the Doctor’s Office or the Shaman’s House because I felt the location would be incomplete if I left with something. The Doctor’s Office itself is a popular location amongst explorers, I felt I would do the place a disservice by leaving with a momento. At any rate, I knew the house was going to be leveled soon, so I thought this was an opportunity to take something.

Now I present to you some abandoned film shot in abandoned buildings. I leave it at that because I will eventually write about said locations in future posts. I hope you enjoy them. The lack of light enhanced the spookiness in these photos. They feel like a snapshots from a David Lynchian dreamworld. Not all 24 pictures came out to my satification, but I was happy enough with the results.  AND NOW ON WITH THE SHOW>>>

Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) with a slip.


An abandoned printmaking studio.


Student artists left behind their work.


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