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In Korea’s Gyeonggi-Do Province, a short walk from a major train station, lies a semi-abandoned university campus branch. The branch of a well-known university focused (focuses?) on the agricultural sciences. I say that with uncertainty because in the three times I have visited, I would guess that the campus was about thirty to forty percent active. Many of the buildings are overgrown with bramble like this one: IMG_2586

However, the last time I visited (February 2017) I did see signs of revitalization. Buildings that once were neglected like the building above were getting a second life. Here are some photos of that show the campus is getting a new lease on life.

At this point, the decayed buildings still outnumbered the revitalized. When I saw this, it made me curious about what would happen to the Nightmare Lab. Before I explain and show you what the Nightmare Lab is, I should say a friend recently explored the campus and his pictures indicate a fair amount of decay remains. In fact, he got into buildings I had never been in before! His photos are inspiring another visit. Unfortunately, fellow explorer never made it into the Nightmare Lab, the reason for this post. Maybe it’s in the middle being renovated? It’s also possible to being laying in the same state. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll bring a film camera and see if it’s still standing. The Nightmare Lab is worth multiple visits. It’s a must-see for any UE explorer doing a tour through South Korea.

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 The latest calendar I encountered dated back to 2004. Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust. Tons of beakers, vials, and chemicals are scattered throughout the classrooms. Pictures from agricultural conferences dating back to the mid-80’s are littered in what were once staff offices.  My highlight of the entire building is the office space filled with animal specimen in various forms of preservation and rot.

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 I greedily hope that construction crews haven’t touched the Nightmare Lab. That the university officials have forgotten its existence so future explorers can continue to be amazed by the artifacts in this building. If not now, then my fingers are crossed that the Nightmare Lab is the last to be remodeled, giving me and other explorers one more chance to be delighted by what it has to offer.

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