Here is a photo I recently took at the abandoned Buddhist  Hoarder’s house. It was me and Niall’s revisited for the first time in over three years. Nothing has changed, it’s still filled to the brim with Buddhist/Taoist/ Korean Shamanistic memorabilia. When you enter the house, it’s impossible to not step on something. The floor of the entire house is covered in clutter. The walls are equally scattered with spiritual objects and lists of people’s names.  As a practicing Buddhist in the Korean tradition, I will surmise a guess that the old resident chanted well being and prosperity for these people during kido (the act of praying or chanting ). Golden Buddhas, prayer beads, are intermixed with  snack wrappers, old photos, and clothing.

As a person who likes to explore abandoned buildings, this was quite a find.  I find my role as explorer is to try to create a realistic narrative about the people who used to occupy the spaces no longer used. Unoccupied spaces that have been forgotten become time capsules. To me, it’s a weird form of post-modern archeology.  I am there to observe and recreate a plausible story about the former residents. “Take pictures and leave only footprints” is an adage I take serious when exploring.  Down below I have enclosed a few more pictures from the Hoarder’s House. I hope you are captivated as much as I have by this place.


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